Student's Name
Taylor Johnson

Charleston, South Carolina

Student school:
Converse College

Student major:
Vocal Performance

Graduating year:

Activities you are involved with:
Association of African-American Students, Gospel Choir

Favorite place on a Saturday night:
Movies/ My room listening to music

Favorite place on campus:
Montgomery Student Center

Interesting thing you have discovered about Spartanburg:
Since Spartanburg is such a quiet city, you have to find things to keep yourself busy. So I know my friends and I have frequented the local Wal-Mart more than the average big-city dweller would think of.

Advice you would give to incoming students:
Don't ever feel like your opinion is not important enough to express it. You have every right to think for yourself. Never forget that. And one more thing, try not to procrastinate. It is a slippery slope that is so hard to reverse. If you can at least plan ahead of time, you should be okay. But research papers don't write themselves on good intentions alone.

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