Consortium Members
Located in Spartanburg in the Piedmont foothills of upstate South Carolina, ?The Colleges of Spartanburg? is a consortium of six institutions of higher education including Converse College, Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, Spartanburg Methodist College, Spartanburg Community College, University of South Carolina Upstate and Wofford College.

City of Spartanburg
The City of Spartanburg is extraordinary for several reasons. Located on the I-85 corridor connecting Atlanta and Charlotte, it is part of the economic engine and population center of the State of South Carolina. Spartanburg County has the highest per capita investment of international capital of any county in the nation. And, further, the City has the highest per capita college student population of any major city in the State. With its six diverse institutions of higher education, Spartanburg is South Carolina?s ?Collegetown.?

Consortium Mission and Goals
?The Colleges of Spartanburg? is a not-for-profit consortium of public and private accredited colleges and universities located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Its mission is to capitalize on the advantages offered by the large number of diverse colleges in order to create educational, social and service opportunities for students; to create economic and brand development opportunities for the City; and to create and sustain partnership advantages among the colleges themselves.

The Consortium is committed to the following goals ...

  1. to advance the realty and the identity of the City of Spartanburg as a vibrant ?college town?;
  2. to create opportunities for students? and institutions? connections with the City;
  3. to enhance students? academic, social and service opportunities through institutional collaborations;
  4. to seek resource savings and programmatic enrichment opportunities among colleges through collaboration; and,
  5. to further the missions of member institutions individually.

Consortium Vision

... to develop a positive national image and reputation for ?The Colleges of Spartanburg? and for Spartanburg as a college town.

Consortium Governance
A board of directors comprised of the colleges? chief executive officers governs the Consortium. The role of the board chairperson is shared on a one-year rotating basis among the six colleges? executive officers.

All Consortium policies and major activities must be approved by the board, subject as appropriate to approvals by members? institutional governance bodies.

The board may appoint committees to develop and implement activities of the Consortium subject to approval and continuing review by the board. For example ...

    • chief advancement officers may be charged to work together with the City on ?collegetown? related downtown development;

  • chief student affairs officers may be charged to plan a fall concert and day of service.

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