Anna Washburn

Free for all. A joke.
A comedy farm on wheels.
They’re all gonna laugh at you.

What’s the inside out?
All hypochondriacs see
is the outside in.

To understand God
Defeats purpose of questions.
Where is the moment?

Shot of a lifetime.
Out of curiosity;
A paralyzed mind.

Wasting through each day
is like walking backwards and
realizing nothing.

Who pays attention?
The unsubscribed tolerance
only time answers.

The world will eat you,
choke on you, then spit you out.
“What the fuck?” you say.

Way down in the south
dyslexia kills kids here
when they think backwards.

I’ll learn how to fly.
For if you could catch a wish
life could digest fate.

The world is on stilts.
Whatever will be will be
but gnaws out my brains.

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